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S. Yoshimi Maezumi



Dr. S. Yoshi Maezumi is an Amazonian Paleoecologist specializing in the extent of pre-Columbian disturbance on Amazonia ecosystems. She studies the long-term interactions of climate and ecological change in the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon. In her research she utilizes multiple sediment based paleoecological proxies to study past environmental and anthropogenic change in the Amazon Basin. The interdisciplinary tool kit she has developed includes lithological proxies (loss on ignition, magnetic susceptibility, grain size analysis), biological indicators (pollen, phytoliths, and charcoal), geochemical proxies (15N and 13C), and a suite of analytical tools for developing 210Pb and 14C based chronologies (bulk sediment, charcoal and pollen dating). Her teaching and research interests include paleoecology, paleoclimatology, biogeography, systems theory, natural and anthropogenic disturbance regimes,  paleofire, Amazonia,  neotropical pollen and phytolith analysis, stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes, and neotropical archaeology. Her teaching focuses on inspiring students to engage in their learning process by opening dialogues that encourage them to explore the natural and anthropogenic linkages between humans and the environment at different spatial and temporal scales.

Dr. Maezumi earned a double Bachelors in Anthropological Archaeology and Religious Studies from the University of California San Diego, a Masters Degree in Analytical Archaeology from California State University Long Beach, and a Doctorate in Physical Geography with an emphasis in Paleoecology from the University of Utah.



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