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Daiana Travassos Alves

Daiana Travassos Alves has a BA in History (2009) from the University of Pará, Brazil (UFPA), where she acquired the theoretical and methodological basis for her approach to the human past. She worked as a curator at the Archaeological Laboratory of the Research and Taught Archaeological Program at UFPA (2010).

Daiana also studied for her MA in Archaeology/Anthropology (2010-2012) at UFPA. Her research project examined the indigenous occupation at the Porto de Santarem site in Santarem city, Lower Amazon, resulting in the identification of a pre-Tapajó occupation (1600-1200 BC) and a Tapajó occupation (1200 AD). Currently, Daiana is a PhD candidate in Archaeobotany at the University of Exeter, UK, investigating the production and consumption of plants in three archaeological sites in the Santarem-Belterra region through the study of phytoliths and starch grains.

She is Editor Assistant of Amazônica, an international journal committed to sharing the results of anthropological research in Amazonia.

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