PAST team presents research in Acre, Brazil: Simpósio Internacional de Arquelogia da Amazônia Ocidental, Acre, Brazil

PAST team members Jonas Gregorio de Souza and Mark Robinson presented research at the Simpósio Internacional de Arquelogia da Amazônia Ocidental, in July 2018 at the Universidade Federal do Acre (Ufac), in Acre, Brazil.

de Souza’s paper, “Estructuras de terra geometricas da borda sul da Amazonia”, discussed conceptual implications of earthworks across the whole southern rim of the Amazon, detailing the chronology and diversity in architectural forms.

Robinson discussed preliminary findings from recent fieldwork in Bolivia in the paper, “Pesquisas arqueológicas e paleoecológicas preliminaries ao redor do Lago Versalles, provincial de Iténez, Bolivia”.

The meeting was also a chance for the community to pay respects to our sadly departed colleague, Dr. Denise Shaan, whose pioneering research in Acre is the foundation upon which we build our research.


We thank the organisers, attendees and other presenters for an engaging and productive meeting.



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